ubiqinno - effective digitalisation with overview, clarity and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Next-Gen Cloud-based IT solutions are a vital part of digitalsation, but it is also vital to build a next-gen organisation

To become a real digital company you not only need to have smart, effective IT solutions. Many companies add Digitalisation to organisations that look like the pre-digitalisation ones. To become real digital you need to work on 6 new aspects next to the usual organisation development areas. These are:

Sensing. The digital world is very agile and digital organisation need to add sensing capabilities to be able to be a first mover and be ahead of your competition, leading your industry.


Identity and Strategy that make sense in a digital world and turns customers and other stakeholders into fans

Assets and capabilities of the organisation should be looked at from the outside in, use what is outside and bring it in

Have a 360 degree of digitally optimised portfolio of products and services. Use digital channels and capabilities in physical products and services and deploy and augment digital.

Build the ability to execute adaptively and be truly adaptive in the way you run your business and operations. Be agile.

Your leadership should be value-centric. You need to be able to make decisions based on values as we live in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

And last but not least, remember that the customer is at the center of everything we do.

Management Consultancy Services

PMO (Project Management Office)

Get clarity of your projects, your operations, and your organisation

The PMO approach is about defining what is critical information for the processes you use to control your projects, operations, or other parts of your organisation. These processes can be formal or informal but they are always controlled by input. We set up measurements of the critical parameters that gives you this information and provide the information on a timely, regular basis. You get the quick overview and the possibility to drill-down to analyse the data. If some of the measurements are out of the bounds we have defined, we invoke corrective actions to get them back under control.


Project management

Get your projects back on track

If your projects have derailed - or are about to - we review them to assess whether they still have the same objectives and then make them get back on track with a new plan to accomplish the objectives.


Digital Strategy

The most successful companies today are digital companies - a digital strategy is needed to do it right

ubiqinno has expertise in business strategy and in the new SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud) technologies and know how to make a business strategy that takes advantage of these new technologies to transform your company into a Digital Company.

IT Strategy

Ensuring that your IT landscape is leading edge where it needs to be

Give your IT landscape a health check. Does your IT landscape actually support your IT strategy and does your IT strategy support your Business Strategy?

More and more the IT strategy need to lead the business - and give agility and simplicity to allow the business to develop, and the CIOs are the strategy enablers. Today agility is so critical that many companies give up business plans in favour of platforms that enable business development to be lean and agile - so it can fail fast and be fixed fast. Does your IT landscape provide such a platform? Let's have a look at it together, get rid of stuff you don't need, modernise apps, and move things to the public cloud and SaaS where possible.


Business optimisation

Organisations need regularly service 

We take the temperature on your organisation, processes and working procedures to make it work more effectively, optimising your profits.

Innovation ledership

Do you have new world-class products or services in your pipeline? 

Innovation is a process and we help you get the ideas out of your organisation and productize them in a structured manner. Ideation is a natural part of the innovation process just like managing ideas in an idea bank that support the entire life-cycle of all ideas.


Software Development and Hosting


We partner with a low-cost european quality software development and QA centre to bring your users a unique experience and tailor your business model. 

We make software clients, webpages, web clients, back-end systems, mobile apps, etc. All to your specifications, and we can host it in our own data centres, in your server or in a cloud of your choice.


User eXperience (UX) assessment and optimisation

Make sure your users get the best experience using your products or services

UX is key to your business - users love great products and services and are used to things working seamlessly without reading manuals etc. No one wants to spend time understanding your product or service, they just want to get their job done.  Boost your user experience, increase the user spend and number of users, your brand value and - your revenue.

Social Media Consulting


Using the appropriate Social Media channel is important when communicating with your followers and potential customers. 

Understanding which Social Media to use for which type of communication is critical and so is the timing of your posts. The social media communication builds your brand and research shows that, e.g., Twitter messages leads to more sales than traditional advertising.

Public Speeches


We always have a point of view. Whether it is the latest technology, optimising operation, or another of our specialities we are ready to present at your event or be part of a panel discussion. The picture is from a Euroforum PMO Symposium in Berlin where Søren gave a speech on how you can use PMO methods to help control your Innovation funnel. 


Boards and Advisory Boards

Having the right competencies in your board is critical for your company's future. ubiqinno can add critical though leadership - and execution - in your board

Our unique combination of knowledge and experience within digital transformation, disruption, business strategy and technology makes us well positioned to add value to boards, especially for incumbent SMEs that have high risk of being disrupted. We have worked with technology start-ups both as mentors and as part of the advisory board to ensure the right innovation and technology focus. 

Test and System Integration Management

When you want to measure your progress early, often and against actual deliverables that you know work, test management is crucial to get right

Regardless of the system or service you want to deliver it is critical to understand if what you produce is working and useful. Using agile DevOps methods in your software development is a huge step in the right direction - however integration sequence and ensuring that you add value early and lower risk early also depend on an effective test strategy and test planning. We help you put an effective test and integration strategy together - and implement and track it as well as change it as you go.