Digital transformation of your company - make your stakeholders happier while making more money

I call it digital transformation instead of digitalisation because it is not just about automating your processes and giving your customers digital access to your company.

To be successful in becoming a digital company you need to ensure that you meet your (potential) customers where they are - the platforms they are on. Do you know where your customers are? Do you even know who they are? You can be sure that they are not all at the same place or have same preferences. In fact you need to be on multiple channels to be on the same channels your customers are. You also want to ensure that it is easy to get hold of your services or products. We are living in a global world and customers want to be able to contact you 24/7. They also want to know exactly what they are getting and when they are getting it. And in your end, you need to know exactly how your business is doing. In real time.

You also need to look inside your company. Many processes and working procedures reflect a non-digital company. You need to change that. Think lean, think automation, think data, think agile. Only do what adds value to your clients or your core business - and do it well.

A successful transformation adds a lot of value and does it quickly. It is also not only IT and systems. Business and organisation transformation is a critical part of your digital journey, so you need to team up with someone who understands both business and technology.

We all know that transformation can be stepwise and agile. Let us have a look at your business - the processes, or some of them, and let me see, what I can do to make your clients and employees happier and make you more money!